VicSmart Updates

New VicSmart fees - updated July 2019

New fees for VicSmart apply from July 1, 2019. They apply to all councils.

01 July

VicSmart amendments in VC148 - 31 July, 2018

Amendment VC148 – reforms to the Victoria Planning Provisions including a simpler VPP structure with VicSmart built in

31 July

The Evolution of VicSmart: Part 2 Summary to VC148

Prior to the most recent changes to VicSmart with VC148, VicSmart had been updated through VC114, VC135, VC137 and VC142. This is what it looked like prior to VC148.

30 July

VicSmart Application reporting in PPARS: 2017-2018

VicSmart reporting in PPARS so far in 2017-2018. To date, there have been 60% more VicSmart applications reported than the previous financial year.

14 July

VicSmart application fees - Updated July 1, 2018

The VicSmart application fees that were updated on July 1 2018 are listed here.

01 July

Extension of VicSmart

In March 2017, the government implemented an extension to VicSmart through Amendment VC135.

28 March