VicSmart applications - How to apply

How to apply for a VicSmart planning permit:

    1. Check with the local council to see if your proposal requires a planning permit.
    2. If a planning permit is required, the council will tell you if it is eligible for VicSmart.
    3. If eligible, they will provide you with a VicSmart application form and checklist/s.
    4. Complete the application form and information requirements on the checklist/s. 
    5. Submit your application and pay the council application fee.

You can deal directly with a council and do your own application, or use this guide to assist you. If you know that your application is eligible for the VicSmart process, then you are ready to:

Start an application

To find out more about dealing with a council directly ie how a council accepts applications and fees: 

If you are looking for the State government's information on VicSmart, much of which is brought together on this site, you'll find it here: VicSmart - a simpler planning permit process.

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