VicSmart Application FAQ

Contact your council about qualifying for VicSmart

Until the Victorian State government's VicSmart eligibility guide is functioning again, you'll need to ask your local council if your planning application qualifies as VicSmart. You can do this over the phone or in person. Get your local council contact details here.

If your project does qualify for VicSmart, ask the council:

  • What zone is the property in?
  • Do any overlays apply to the property?
  • Which VicSmart checklist do I need?
  • What fee is payable for a permit decision?
  • Is all of the information on the VicSmart checklist required?

You can then use this guide to assist you to do your planning permit application online.

If your application is eligible for VicSmart, then you are ready to prepare your planning application for submission to council -

Start an application

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