VicSmart Application FAQ

Government VicSmart application form, checklists and guides

You can do your own VicSmart planning permit application using the government's VicSmart application form, checklists, guides (listed below) and advice from your council.

On the government's VicSmart website you'll find the following documents:

You will also find information about planning permits and VicSmart applications on your council's website.

You may also find the following government publications useful:

... or just use The Complete VicSmart Guide.

The Complete VicSmart Application Guide integrates the government's VicSmart application form, checklists, permit decision guidelines, local planning schemes and government guides with planning advice to help you do to your own VicSmart application online. This guide will help you, step by step, with the VicSmart permit application process.

If you know that your application is eligible for VicSmart, then you are ready to prepare your planning application for submission to council -

Start an application

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