VicSmart Application FAQ

How to qualify for the VicSmart permit process

First, check if your town planning permit application is eligible for the VicSmart process online or with your council. This will confirm that your application:

  • is comprised of one or more of the types of VicSmart application listed in under a provision in the local planning scheme. 
  • does not trigger a planning permit outside of the VicSmart classes of application
  • meets the criteria associated with the application type
  • is located in the zone, overlay or particular provision associated with the VicSmart application type
  • any permit issued will not result in a breach of a registered restrictive covenant.
  • if your application requires a referral under Clause 66

Creative Commons License Derived from Applicant's Guide to Lodging a VicSmart Application by the State of Victoria


If your application is eligible for VicSmart, this guide will ensure that your planning application completes all of information requirements for a VicSmart permit. This Guide replicates the government application form and checklists and provides assistance to meet all of the information requirements including:

  • a complete application form
  • a planning application fee if required
  • referral authority approval if required
  • a copy of the property title
  • advice on easement and restrictive covenants
  • the required information for the class of VicSmart application
  • a completed checklist
  • meeting the VicSmart planning permit decision guidelines
  • a signed declaration
  • submitting your application online (if accepted by your council)

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