VicSmart Application FAQ

Reducing delays in processing planning applications

This guide seeks to reduce delays in the VicSmart application process by:

  • Encouraging applicants to contact council and discuss their application
  • Checking applications are complete including title (and Melbourne Water referral, if required)
  • Clearly flagging VicSmart applications via email, post or in person
  • Ensuring applications are legible and clearly laid out
  • Encouraging plans to be properly drawn and marked up
  • Informing applicants of decisions guidelines and how to interpret them
  • Encouraging online applications (where accepted by councils)
  • Fee calculation 

It has the potential to provide:

  • Highlighting the need for internal referrals
  • Integration with assessment reports
  • Payment integration
  • Tracking applications and monitoring timeframes
  • Allowing decisions to be transferred by email

The site currently accommodates local VicSmart applications and changes to required information, and has the potential to allow councils to provide a guide for non-VicSmart applications as well as accept them via the web. Please contact us for more details.

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