VicSmart Application FAQ

The Complete VicSmart Guide for Business

VicSmart applies to planning permit requirements for some types of construction or works in commercial or industrial zones, Capital City or Docklands Zone, car parking and loading bay waivers, removal of individual trees, minor works to commercial buildings and heritage places and small advertising signs.

The Complete VicSmart Guide is designed to assist you to meet the information requirements, referral authority approval and pre-set decision guidelines set out in your local planning scheme in order to help you submit a complete and successful application to council.

Use the Complete VicSmart Guide to:

  • Increase the likelihood of a quick and positive permit decision
  • Be guided step by step
  • Have the application process and permit decision guidelines explained
  • Get instruction and examples
  • Get Town Planning advice online
  • Learn about planning process
  • Complete a planning application to submit to council

It's the simplest way to complete your VicSmart application to get a planning permit in Victoria. 


If you know that your application is eligible for VicSmart, then you are ready to prepare your planning application for submission to council -

Start an application

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