VicSmart Application FAQ

The Complete VicSmart Guide for Councils

The Complete VicSmart Guide is designed to assist people seeking VicSmart permits to submit complete applications with an understanding of the application requirements. It provides:

  • encouragement to discuss the proposal with council
  • explains the basics of the VicSmart operations and processes
  • provides a summary of requirements
  • assistance with each aspect of the application
  • individual checklists specific to the application and local planning schemes
  • advice on making council enquiries and council lodgement processes
  • instructions on how to complete each information requirement
  • examples of required information and plans
  • offers some basic services such as obtaining a copy of title and re-writing or editing submissions
  • integrates with the local planning scheme ie to schedules, local policy related documents
  • seeks to answer any questions about the application process

The Complete VicSmart guide is intended to supplement the services offered by council with a view to reducing delays in processing applications, improving the quality, and ideally, the application approval rate.

Hopefully your council will encourage applicants to consider using it.

It's envisioned that the guide will constantly evolve, so any feedback or comments will be appreciated. Please contact us

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