VicSmart Application FAQ

The Complete VicSmart Guide for Individuals

VicSmart applies to planning permit requirements for some subdivision, minor construction or works, fences, and tree removal in specific zones, such as the General Residential Zone or Commercial 1 Zone, or in planning overlays, such as the Heritage Overlay or Special Building Overlay.

For example, in a Heritage Overlay VicSmart includes: external painting, outbuildings - carports, pergolas,garages, verandahs, decks, sheds, domestic services, solar heating, vehicle cross-over (driveways), swimming pools, spas, rainwater tanks, displaying a sign, picnic tables, BBQs, security lighting, irrigation, drainage, tree removal, fences, altering a non-contributory building and removing an out building  

Use The Complete VicSmart Guide to:

  • Be guided step by step through the VicSmart application process
  • Complete the application form and checklist information requirements online
  • Have the relevant planning scheme and permit terms explained
  • Get the permit decision guidelines explained
  • Get instructions and examples of what to include in your application
  • Get town planning advice online
  • Increase the likelihood of a successful town planning permit in 10 days
  • Learn more about the planning process
  • Complete a planning application to submit to council 

It's the simplest way to complete your VicSmart application to get a planning permit in Victoria. 


If you know that your application is eligible for VicSmart, then you are ready to prepare your planning application for submission to council -

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