VicSmart Application FAQ

The Complete VicSmart Guide for Town Planners

The Complete VicSmart is designed to assist you manage multiple VicSmart applications with a view to making the process of compiling applications easier. It customises each application based on the local council, zone, overlay, relevant VicSmart checklist and classes of VicSmart application. The guide provides relevant information as you progress through the application including the integration of local planning schemes, decision guidelines and relevant referral authority details.

This guide is suitable if you want to:

  • do planning applications online
  • keep abreast of local planning scheme amendments
  • collate applications for multiple clients
  • summarise required information for outstanding applications
  • view decision guidelines in the context of required information
  • get discounts for managing multiple applications

Further, as this site generates leads for non-VicSmart applications, there are opportunities to become an affiliate of the site to manage non-VicSmart applications .

It's envisioned that the guide will constantly evolve, so any feedback or comments are appreciated - please contact us.

Finally, if you have an planning proposal that is eligible for the VicSmart process, then you can use this guide to prepare a complete planning application online to submit to council. This includes the VicSmart application form and checklists, meeting the information requirements and pre-set decision guidelines set out in the relevant planning scheme and getting referral authority approval if required.

You can also manage multiple applications simultaneously. It's the simplest way to complete your planning applications online. 


If you know that the application is eligible for the VicSmart process, then you are ready to:

Start an application

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