VicSmart Application FAQ

The VicSmart application form - where to start?

To start doing your own planning permit application, the first 5 things to you should know about the VicSmart application form are:

  1. To qualify for the VicSmart process, your project needs to meet the VicSmart criteria.
  2. Applications must be complete and include the information required by the application form and checklists.
  3. Applications for planning permits are decided on by your local council.
  4. If your application is eligible and you provide the required information, you will get a decision in 10 days - not 60 with delays. Note: the 10 days decision starts again after missing information is supplied.
  5. As of August 2014, local councils expected 40%-70% of VicSmart applications to be incomplete, of poor quality and consequently not decided within 10 days of lodgement.

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