VicSmart Application FAQ

Top 5 facts about VicSmart planning permits

VicSmart Basics

  1. VicSmart planning permits can cover one or more of the following proposals: some minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, tree removal and lopping, small advertising signs, some extensions, minor activities in Heritage zones, and car parking.
  2. They are not new types of permits. They are a select number of existing "straight forward" permits, which commonly excluded the need for notice (advertising and objections) or referrals.
  3. They are usually submitted by individuals or small businesses (rather than Town Planners).
  4. VicSmart permits are expected to number around 8,500 a year, which is about 15% of planning permits.
  5. The State government originally provided the around 90 pages of information in various State government publications to assist you with understanding the VicSmart planning provisions and the planning permit application process.

This guide will explain what you need to know and lead you through process of creating a complete application, from VicSmart eligibility through to understanding the decision guidelines and lodging your application.

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