VicSmart Application FAQ

What is VicSmart?

VicSmart is a simple and fast planning permit assessment process for straight forward planning applications in Victoria. It  covers specific types of planning applications to be assessed by councils within 10 days, provided applications are complete and meet certain criteria. Unlike more complex planning applications, these applications are usually done by individuals, small businesses, arborists, builders, building designers, architects, surveyors and town planners.

Applying for these planning permits means completing an application form and providing information set out on a checklist.

To start this process, contact your local council to find out if you require a planning permit for any of the following:

  • minor subdivision
  • minor buildings and works in selected overlays (including Heritage Overlays)
  • tree removal and lopping
  • a single storey extension to a single dwelling where specific design criteria are met
  • buildings and works up to $100,000 in residential zones, where not associated with a dwelling.
  • small advertising signs
  • reducing car parking requirements
  • building and works up to $1 million in industrial areas
  • building and works up to $500,000 in commercial and some special purpose areas
  • a range of low impact developments in rural areas (up to $500,000)
  • sell or consume liquor in association with a food and drink premises (City of Greater Geelong only)

They will advise you if your project qualifies as a VicSmart application, and provide you with a VicSmart application form and checklist. The VicSmart checklist outlines the information you need to provide with your application. 

If you know that your application is eligible for VicSmart, then you are ready to prepare your planning application for submission to council -

Start an application

Creative Commons License Derived from Applicant's Guide to Lodging a VicSmart Application by the State of Victoria

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